CitiesWithNature Action Platform: Demonstration webinars kick-off soon

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On the road to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP15 – which will take place in Montreal from 7-19 December 2022 – ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center, in collaboration with ICLEI’s regional offices, is providing capacity-building webinars to demonstrate uploading actions and commitments to the CitiesWithNature Action Platform, recognized in the Plan of Action on Subnational Governments, Cities and Other Local Authorities for Biodiversity (2021-2030). 

By enabling and supporting local and subnational governments to achieve the global nature goals and their commitments for nature, the Action Platform is intended to align with, and feed into, the National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) and National Reports to the CBD of countries that have ratified the Convention. 

With COP 15 around the corner, it is a crucial moment for local and subnational governments to demonstrate their commitments to actions that will contribute to the successful implementation of the new global biodiversity framework (GBF) and its targets. As a result, our Action Platform demonstration webinars aim to assist cities worldwide with using the tool as optimally as possible.

We have set up a range of webinars by region, as shown in the table below. For more information, contact the ICLEI Regional Officer of your region, as indicated in the table.


We welcome you to participate in the webinar and join the concerted efforts for living in harmony with nature. 

USA RO Kale Roberts - [email protected]
Calyn Hart - [email protected]
Anne Marie Cleary Rauker - [email protected]

October 26, 5.30 - 7.00pm SAST time | 11.30am (New York time)

Southeast Asia RO Russel James Andrade - [email protected]

October 20, 8.30am (CEST time) | 2.30pm (Manila time)

South Asia Monalisa Sen - [email protected]
SAMS & MECS SAMS, Brazilian Municipalities

Bráulio Dias - [email protected]
Leta Vieira - [email protected]
Marília Israel - [email protected]
Bianca Cantoni - [email protected]

One webinar with SAMS - only Portuguese speaking municipalities

October 13, 3 - 4.30pm CEST | 10 - 11.30am (Brasília)

SAMS and MECS for Spanish speaking municipalities Ecuador, Colombia, Amazonian areas, Perú, Mexico

Bráulio Dias - [email protected]
Leta Vieira - [email protected]
Marília Israel de Azevedo Borges - [email protected]
Bianca Cantoni - [email protected]
Sergio Aranguren - [email protected]
Ivana del Río Benítez - [email protected]

October 25, 4.00 - 5.30pm CEST time | 10 - 11.30am (Mexico time)

Oceania RO Steve Gawler - [email protected]

October 19, 7.30 am SAST time | 4.30 pm AEST

European RO Shreya Utkarsh - [email protected]
Alice Reil - [email protected]

October 18, 2 - 3:30pm CET

Canada RO Megan Meaney - [email protected]
Anne Marie - [email protected]

November 15, in English 7 - 8.30pm SAST

November 22, in French 7 - 8.30pm SAST

Africa RO Tarryn Quayle - [email protected]
Uganda, Kisumu (Kenya), Ghana (Cape Coast City) and Quelimane and Nacala in Mozambique

Paul Currie - [email protected]

Kate Strachan - [email protected]

Nelson de Lamare - [email protected]
Senegal and Burkina Faso

Ernita Van Wyk - [email protected]

Vanessa Tshite - [email protected]
Bongiwe Simka - [email protected]
Sierra Leone

November 2, 2 - 3.30pm SAST time

East Asia RO Shu Zhu - [email protected]
Ge Liu - [email protected]
Japan Togo Uchida - [email protected]
Tomoya Taniguchi - [email protected]