Don’t miss this World Bank webinar on urban nature

On 20 October, an expert panel convened by ICLEI and the Humboldt National Research Institute of Biodiversity in Colombia is discussing “Cities Working With Nature to Improve Resilience and Urban Life”. This exciting event forms part of the World Bank’s webinar series Bringing Nature to Cities: Integrated Urban Solutions to Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change”. The 20 October session is illustrating how cities around the world are restoring nature back into the city to improve livability, health, sustainability, climate resilience, and overall well-being. The event is showcasing two global programs supported by international organizations, BiodiverCities by 2030 and CitiesWithNature — RegionsWithNature, followed by a presentation of best practices. Examples will demonstrate how cities around the world are working with nature to deal with everyday urban challenges, making nature a central part of the urban landscape and helping urban communities live in harmony with the environment. These presentations will focus on urban biodiversity and sustainable economy, citizen science, climate resilience and human health and well-being (focusing on inequality and social cohesion).


Jennifer Lenhart, Global Lead, WWF Cities  


Hernando García, General Director, The National Research Institute of Biodiversity “Alexander von Humboldt”, Colombia, Kobie Brand, Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI, Felipe García, Head of the Biodiversity Sciences Program. The National Research Institute of Biodiversity “Alexander von Humboldt”, Colombia, Ingrid Coetzee, Director Biodiversity, Nature and Health, ICLEI, Dora Almassy, Researcher, Central European University

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