Cities and regions that have joined CitiesWithNature through the Registry are encouraged to participate in theme-based globally coordinated activities.

This will automatically make them eligible to enter the CitiesWithNature Awards, which will be awarded every two years to cities within different categories.

The CitiesWithNature theme-based packages will focus on linking nature with different city-relevant themes such as health, resilience, infrastructure, education and more.

New themes, the first of which will be CitiesWithNature for Health, will be introduced every two years and those cities taking up such a theme will receive an “innovation and ideas toolkit” and associated technical guidelines to apply the theme locally.


Become part of this unique initiative that recognizes and enhances the value of nature in and around cities across the world.

It provides a shared platform for cities and their partners to engage and connect, working with shared commitment towards a more sustainable urban world.



CitiesWithNature is brought to you by founding partners ICLEI, TNC and IUCN, along with supporting bodies such as the CBD and other international partners.

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